About the Master, Nick Roberts

master_nick-facescreen2013I am ever driven to portray the primal and the elegant, daydream and nightmare, freedom and dominion. Inspiration comes from the friction, mingling, and balance between these extremes. Ever present is life, death, and forms which transcend, feeding the flesh, stimulating the mind, and nourishing the spirit through ephemeral beauty and enduring legend. The imagery hearkens to the most dramatic and romantic aesthetics of times gone by, while suggesting stranger stories to come.

Master_Nick-gonzombie3DI’ve spent years in formal study, mastering the skill, and years since working the magic, bringing ethereal vision into tangible form. It is a great pleasure to arouse, amuse, and disturb, often all once! These passions are mirrored in the painstaking attention to detail within my work.

A growing number of patrons collect my paintings, prints and fiction, and commission personalized images. My works have won awards, and have been featured in public galleries and exclusive clubs from San Francisco to Detroit.

To obtain an existing piece, or to commission custom art, contact me.

For disturbing fiction, read “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” http://tinyurl.com/gonzombie
Catch updates on exhibitions, publications, and more! http://www.facebook.com/TheArtOfMasterNick

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2 Responses to “About the Master, Nick Roberts”

  1. Cant wait to read and explore your blog in its entirety. 🙂 Glad I found you …

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