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Penetrating Art Review

Posted in Art, Erotica, Nude, Painting with tags , , , , , , on May 2, 2015 by Hallward House

Master_Nick-Katra-censoredI know I always say this, but this is one of the best reviews my works have ever received.

“No tickling here. Full on penetration to the subconscious bringing to the surface all those thoughts that were made submissive. Passionate work, creative and detailed, mind-altering and intriguing.”
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Happy Bloody Martyr’s Day

Posted in Art, Burlesque, Erotica, Events with tags , , , , , , on February 14, 2015 by Hallward House

DeadEyeCupid2-master_nick…otherwise known as Valentine’s Day, a time to buy decapitated flowers and a mass-produced card from Hallmark for your sweetie. Yay!
Did you make dinner reservations somewhere?
Some did not because they have to work tonight, serving food and drinks to those who did make reservations. So when’s the party for those who don’t get to celebrate tonight?
It’s next weekend, at The Golden Poppy Revue’s first performance ever, “L’Amour!”
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Fifty Shades of Red

Posted in Art, Erotica, Fantasy, Fetish, Fiction, Horror, Nude, Painting, Writing with tags , , , , , , , , on February 12, 2015 by Hallward House

Safe and Sane or Dangerously Deranged?

Master_Nick-Birth-of-VenusMy sweetie and I just caught a sneak preview of Fifty Shades of Grey, for what else would an author of twisted fiction/fetish artist and the founder of a burlesque revue do on a weekday night? (Don’t think too hard about that. I wouldn’t tell you if you guessed right anyway.)

For those who’ve somehow hitherto dodged knowledge of 50 Shades, here’s the gist in just one sentence. Anastasia Steele, a naive young virgin just getting out of college, is reeled into a relationship with sadistic business magnate Christian Grey.

It’s been suggested that I should tie promotion of my Crimson Kink paintings to the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. I find the idea questionable, yet tempting.  Continue reading

Season’s Beatings!

Posted in Art, Erotica, Fantasy, Fetish, Grins, Painting with tags , , , , , , on December 25, 2014 by Hallward House

SeasonsBeatings-master-nickOvercome with the spirit of generosity, this Nicholas gladly dispenses candy canings to the naughty and the nice alike!

Truly, it is better to give than to receive.

Season’s Beatings from Master “I’m no Saint” Nick!
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Sex Is Not Evil

Posted in Art, Erotica, Fantasy, Goth, Nude, Painting, Succubus with tags , , , , , on December 21, 2014 by Hallward House

Master_Nick-sex-is-not-evilWhat good is sex?

Here are several answers to that, provided to enlighten religious fundamentalists, censors both official and self-appointed, and any others who somehow don’t know.

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Are Adult Situations Dirty?

Posted in Art, Erotica, Nude, Painting, Succubus, Writing with tags , , , , , , , , on December 4, 2014 by Hallward House

Master_Nick-adult-not-dirtyWhat do you think?
Are adult situations dirty?
Are mature audiences filthy minded?
Are forbidden words and taboo topics intrinsically bad?

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Rated PG or NC-17?

Posted in Art, Erotica, Fantasy, Goth, Horror, Nude, Succubus, Writing with tags , , , , , , on November 30, 2014 by Hallward House

Master_Nick-PG-succubus-artYou know what you get when you dumb things down for children?
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