Gallery from the Grave

Master_Nick-succubuswordIt takes a very brave
(or very foolish)
spirit to admit
one’s deepest fears.
As no god
is my witness,
I am that brave fool.

But what sort of monster
inspires nightmares
in the mind of man
who lounges with lycans
and snuggles with succubi?

The creatures which
the Master most dreads
are known
as the living dead,
and most often,

Master_Nick-succubusTempThese shambling
ravenous corpses
have crept into
the collective
permeating the planet
like a plague.

Sensitive soul that I am,
they’ve gotten
under my skin too.

I have zombies
tgarden3master-nick-4webon the brain.


Here are not merely
many manifestations
to beware,
but a gallery
of the brave

(and strangely sexy)
souls who face them.

Pictured in random, shambling order:
Tending the Garden”
(I through IV)
“Succubus Sword”
ubus v. Zombie”
“The Old Gang”

If collector,
or a patron
you may be,

if this art
you would procure,

to begin,
please contact me.

Master Nick Roberts  © 2012

Master_Nick-gonzombie3DGet your copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” now at!


Walk in again for more of the beautifu
l and bizarre!

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