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Through the Looking-Glass to Wonderland

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Curiouser and Curiouser!
Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and new Jabberwock art make up but a fraction of the exhibit hosted through January 21st at the Cafe Colonial! Continue reading

January Arts: From Burlesque to Wonderland

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Ladies and gentlemen, step right up for a burlesque revival of The Sadistic Sideshow, featuring the captivating (and captive) Catwomen! There’ll be singing, dancing, and cruelty!
It’s all part of The Zombie Club‘s Dead Hooker’s Ball, Saturday, January 3rd at the Starlite Lounge!
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Jabberwock : The Home Stretch

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Master_Nick-Jabberwock7So it comes to this.
It always comes to this. The last few nights’ work on any painting involves filling in lots of little hand-cramping details. At the end of a session, it scarcely looks like I’ve done anything. All I see is the rest of the tiny details yet to be tended. It’s at times like these that I Continue reading

Jabberwock Behind The Scenes

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Master_Nick-Jabberwock6Faithful subscribers will know that I often post artwork as it progresses night by night, yet I rarely spell out much of my process. Today, I shall share a bit more.

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Jabberwock: In COLOR!

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Master_Nick-Jabberwock5Over the last few decades, many dark works have had a muted blueish or greyish cast. I do like that look, for it sets an appropriately bleak tone. Still, well nigh everybody is doing it! It’s high time for Continue reading

Walk The Jabberwock, Talk The Jabber Talk.

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Master_Nick-Jabberwock4I’ve reached the midpoint on this leg of my journey through the looking-glass. My painting hand may cramp terribly toward the end of each night’s work, but I started this endeavor, and I’m bloody well going to finish it!
I dare say it takes conviction to take on such tiny details as the Caterpillar’s face. Just look at that wee, sleepy mug!
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Shadow of the Jabberwock

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Master_Nick-Jabberwock3What’s that, whiffling and burbling through the Tulgey Wood?

Dare we draw nigh this creature for a clearer view?
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