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Succubus Stand-In

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(Or fly in, as the case may be.)
Succubi rarely photograph well. They may be photogenic, yet they exist more in dream realms than in this one—or so I’m given to understand. Continue reading

Suppressing Imaginary Nudity: Update

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Master_Nick-Rise-AboveSwarmI recently wrote about hearing from Facebook that one of my posts had been reported for nudity. To recap the salient points, it wasn’t my post but rather a reply to my post, and there was no nudity. Still, FB went on to say, “We’ll review your post in the next few days. If we determine that it doesn’t follow our standards, it will be removed.” Since then, some FB gatekeeper has apparently imagined nudity where there was none, and removed the post.

I didn’t think censorship could become any more ludicrous, but here we are.

By the way, the artistic nude Continue reading

Unzipped Lips

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Master_Nick-unzipped-lips We’ve previously discussed how this culture celebrates violence while it casts shame on sexuality (and women and skin and so on.)

 That is not to say that I believe that violent images should be censored. In writing, painting and photography, Continue reading

You Want The Art?

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 Stop SOPA and PIPA!

 I’d love to bring you more of the arts: painting, writing, photography, and more. I love to stimulate thought, feeling, and perhaps even inspiration to live one’s fondest dreams. I do like being paid for all my work, (as artists need food and shelter and such like anyone else.) Yet I am not so fearful of my work being pirated that I’d support draconian restrictions on a free internet.  Continue reading