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Jabberwock Behind The Scenes

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Master_Nick-Jabberwock6Faithful subscribers will know that I often post artwork as it progresses night by night, yet I rarely spell out much of my process. Today, I shall share a bit more.

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Jabberwocky Halloween

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Master_Nick-Jabberwocky1Trick or treat!

I’ve illustrated a fair few scenes inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass, yet aside from one stage performance, I’d never depicted the Jabberwock. When better than Halloween to select this monster as the subject of a painting?
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How to interpret what she says

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No means no.

tgarden4web-master_nickOf course, “No,” should be self explanatory. (I paint images of women in bondage, and even I know to respect a no.) Yet people get this wrong all the time. In fact, “No means no,” is getting to be an old expression, specifically because so many apparently still need the lesson repeated. And it doesn’t end there. Do you know, there are a few other subtle and not so subtle cues which some still miss? For those who may need a bit of clarification, don’t worry. I’ll walk you through them. Continue reading

Criticize or Create

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What do you want to do?
Have you ever spent an hour and a half or more watching a movie only to find afterward that you wanted your time back? Have you ever thought, “My five year old could’ve done that,” regarding a painting in a gallery? Have you ever finished reading a novel not because you enjoyed it, but because you’d started to read it, and you bloody well finish what you start? Have you ever heard music that just plain irritated you?

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How to Create an Art Series by Accident

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Lie back, put your feet up,
and realize that even our deviations have purpose.
BoundThen get back up and get to work!

By design, most of my works stand in series largely distinct from one another, yet all are connected by theme and by fiction. Zombies and succubi, masochists and mad scientists may seem like strange bedfellows, but Continue reading

Queen of Hearts: Deleted Scene

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How to refine your art
No, off with your head!
Soon after seeing that I might transform a Wonderland croquet mallet flamingo into a guitar, I imagined building a band around Alice. One of the first members that leapt to mind was the Queen of Hearts, playing a six-string headsman’s axe.

This was my initial quick and dirty sketch. There are elements here that I like, but the Queen should be aggressive than she appears here.

The next version will be dangerous indeed.

This Queen is dead.
Long live the Queen!

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How To Paint Wonderland

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Like A Pencil Down A Rabbit Hole
After laying out the basic idea in a sketchbook, I move to the canvas and draw the scene all over again.

At this stage, I’ve also added all the background details; upside-down teacups, a mushroom, blades of greenery, and Alice’s name in a style hearkening back to psychedelic rock posters.
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