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Blood on Her Lips

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Shared from
Sample Snippet from an upcoming novel by
N.J.R. Kole.
“He’d closed his eyes. They sprang open when he Continue reading

Succubus Stand-In

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(Or fly in, as the case may be.)
Succubi rarely photograph well. They may be photogenic, yet they exist more in dream realms than in this one—or so I’m given to understand. Continue reading

The Nightmare Before Wash Day

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Master_Nick-Spooky-ElvesDo you think I have enough striped socks?

Don’t worry. This isn’t all of them. I also have a purple pair, and several shorter black and white ones each bearing a Jolly Roger atop the stripes.

Amidst hectic holiday preparations, hanging my stockings nowhere near a chimney with care, and in between skull-splitting migraines, I’ve been putting together two twisted and ambitious Continue reading

Risky Risque: Suffering for Art

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Many hold with a romantic notion that one should suffer for one’s art.
Master_Nick-Roberts-UberBotI suspect that this view has more to do with a powerful few wanting the working masses to be content in suffering than with any love of the arts. The underlying implication is that one shouldn’t expect to be compensated for one’s pains.

I do love the arts. My creative colleagues and I do take great literal pains for your entertainment.

Here’s an example.

Last night, UBERKUNST headlined day two of this year’s NorCal NoiseFest. After a particularly risque Continue reading

Farewell Angel Kitty, Marvelous Model and Bodacious Dancer

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Master_Nick-JabberwockittyBodacious Bomshells Burlesque Revue dancer and model Angel Kitty is returning to the land from whence she came. I was privileged to have her pose for my camera and canvas, and to appear on stage with her in several acts.

Last night, she played naughty nurse to my madman, a mental patient with monsters both on the mind and in it. While the Nurse/Kitty danced, I recited rhymes lines which tie in with my next book of horrific fiction. Continue reading

How to Create an Art Series by Accident

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Lie back, put your feet up,
and realize that even our deviations have purpose.
BoundThen get back up and get to work!

By design, most of my works stand in series largely distinct from one another, yet all are connected by theme and by fiction. Zombies and succubi, masochists and mad scientists may seem like strange bedfellows, but Continue reading

Burlesque and the Artistic Nude

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What an evening!
The crowd loved last night’s performance by the Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue!
Master_Nick-wine-andasmileI was pleased further that my first book sold at this event, proving once again that burlesque aficionados are also readers. World, take note: explicit art shall not be dismissed as lowbrow. We heed both the dark passions and the intellect, and we shall not be silenced!

As this was a weeknight show, and not one of our usual signature shows in a large theatre like The Colonial, not every dancer had the chance to take the stage. Still they shine.

Today, I’m pleased to feature an artistic nude of Continue reading