Scaredy Cat Writing Challenge

Master_Nick-Gus_Max4everWhilst working on my second book, I managed to spell “exacerbated” correctly on the first try. For me, this is a rare and wondrous occurrence. I raised my arms in victory, perhaps even threw the metal-head devil horns, and certainly shouted, “YES!”

Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue founder Raven LaRoux brought two cute cats when she moved in to the Manor of Master Nick. Max, the smallest, cutest, fluffiest kitty is quite the fraidy cat. At my sudden noise and gesture, he scampered from the room as fast as his little kitty paws could carry him.

Poor little guy. I may Master_Nick-Devilry-croplook like Mephistopheles, but I wouldn’t want to scare a kitten! I prefer to scare my readers!

“Gus and Max Forever”
Photography by Raven LaRoux
PhotoShopped by
Master Nick Roberts © 2014
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Nick Roberts © 2014

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