Bobo Fett

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Odd what comes back to us.
I’ve taken thousands of photos—most of them artistic nudes—yet the rare image I see starting to go viral is something I pieced together in Photoshop as a gag.
Fans of both Star Wars and Mystery Science Theater 3000 will get this. 

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Libertina Spirit

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Photographic art by
Master Nicodemo.
Words reblogged from
Lady Libertina.

While I have largely retired from public life, others have stepped forward as models and to take up the mask and mantle. The Lady Libertina spirit is larger than any one person. It is meant to be inclusive, knowing we Continue reading

Blood on Her Lips

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Shared from
Sample Snippet from an upcoming novel by
N.J.R. Kole.
“He’d closed his eyes. They sprang open when he Continue reading

Hallward House

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Hallward-House-urlogo4webI’ve been away, either having wild adventures in alternate realities or a series of vivid waking dreams.
In that time, I’ve joined the Armaggio Guild and the stable of artists at Hallward House.
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Rising from the Ashes

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2016kat_succubus-cnsrEver have a group project go down in flames?
I have, more times than I care to recall.
After swearing off collaborative works Continue reading

Stephen King’s Shining New Year

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shining-overlook-hotel-nickGreetings, and Happy New Year!

This picture from The Shining reminds me of an event I recently attended. Continue reading

Crocker’s Dance Macabre, Resonance, and the Vampire Ball

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I’ll be displaying dark fantastic art at three fangtastic events this month!
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