Burlesque Premiere Performance Saturday Feb. 28th

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The Golden Poppy Revue
makes its much anticipated debut with
L’Amour - An Evening of Valentease!
Join us for a dazzling night of burlesque and variety, celebrating love, passion, and romance, all under the roof of the beautiful and historical Colonial Theatre!

Legend Isis Starr, “The Goddess of Burlesque” (SF)
Sugar Cheeks-Burlesque
Jenna Jezebel
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Happy Bloody Martyr’s Day

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DeadEyeCupid2-master_nick…otherwise known as Valentine’s Day, a time to buy decapitated flowers and a mass-produced card from Hallmark for your sweetie. Yay!
Did you make dinner reservations somewhere?
Some did not because they have to work tonight, serving food and drinks to those who did make reservations. So when’s the party for those who don’t get to celebrate tonight?
It’s next weekend, at The Golden Poppy Revue’s first performance ever, “L’Amour!”
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Fifty Shades of Red

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Safe and Sane or Dangerously Deranged?

Master_Nick-Birth-of-VenusMy sweetie and I just caught a sneak preview of Fifty Shades of Grey, for what else would an author of twisted fiction/fetish artist and the founder of a burlesque revue do on a weekday night? (Don’t think too hard about that. I wouldn’t tell you if you guessed right anyway.)

For those who’ve somehow hitherto dodged knowledge of 50 Shades, here’s the gist in just one sentence. Anastasia Steele, a naive young virgin just getting out of college, is reeled into a relationship with sadistic business magnate Christian Grey.

It’s been suggested that I should tie promotion of my Crimson Kink paintings to the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. I find the idea questionable, yet tempting.  Continue reading

Kitty and Creation

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Master_Nick-PandoraI’ve wrapped this month’s burlesque sideshow performance and have collected my paintings from my latest exhibition. Now it’s time to settle in and weave my next work of dark fantastic fiction.

My kitty Pandora loves to sit on my lap when I’m working. This is not terribly convenient, but I’ve learned to work around her. This morning however, she decided to drape herself across the arm of my dominant hand and turn her rear toward my face. Thankfully, she didn’t quite have her butt in my face, yet her tail tickled my nose. This got me giggling so hard that she climbed down off of me. She’s just turned to look back with an expression that seemed to say that as she views me a furniture, it is my job to stay still for her. She does not want her perch shaking with laughter. Continue reading

The Undead And The Catwomen

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Master_Nick-vampires-catwoman Here’s Nosferatu, the Impaler, a lithe couple Catwomen, and a detective discovering that The Old Gang has gone zombie.

These and other twisted visions will be on exhibit at the Cafe Colonial through the 21st. Continue reading

Through the Looking-Glass to Wonderland

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Curiouser and Curiouser!
Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and new Jabberwock art make up but a fraction of the exhibit hosted through January 21st at the Cafe Colonial! Continue reading

Time Out in The Corner

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Discipline for the wicked!

Master_Nick-Zombie-VampireHere we see two paintings of the living dead. One features zombies, the other depicts Nosferatu, inspired by the silent classic vampire film.

The undead are always up to something naughty, staying up late and biting their playmates, so these little monsters will just have to think about what they’ve done, and sit in the corner at thCafe Colonial!
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